Common Questions From Homeowners About Roofing Services

To prevent damage and expensive repairs to their home, it’s essential for homeowners to keep their roof in the best condition possible. Roof leaks can ruin the structure of a home and even cause damage to the interior. The information below addresses common questions that homeowners often ask about roofing services provided by an Arvada Roofing Contractor.

What are some signs that suggest homeowners may have roof problems?

Homeowners should regularly check the shingles on their roof or hire Arvada roofers to perform a roof inspection to look for any damage. Shingles that are bending up at the edges, warping or cracking are all signs that repairs are needed. If homeowners observe an excessive amount of tiny granules in their gutters, this means the shingles are wearing out and they must be replaced.

Homeowners should also look for signs of roof issues inside the house. These include paint that’s cracking, wallpaper that’s peeling off the walls and water stained drywall. Additionally, attic insulation that’s wet is an obvious sign that the roof leaks.

Does a leak in the roof indicate that the homeowner should have it replaced?

A leaky roof doesn’t always mean that the entire roof must be replaced. The leak may have developed due to a few missing shingles and when this occurs only a roof repair is necessary.

The age of the roof is also an important factor when determining whether repairs or a replacement is needed. If the roof is nearing it’s lifespan, which is normally around 20 years, then homeowners should have a total roof replacement.

Is it possible for homeowners to have a new roof installed without tearing off the old shingles?

Many roofing companies will install the new shingles on top of the old shingles when it’s acceptable. If there’s already two layers of shingles on the roof, all of the old shingles must be removed first. Having more than two layers of shingles on a roof adds too much weight to the roof deck and house structure.

Before installing new shingles on top of existing shingles, a roofing contractor will need to inspect the wooden roof deck first. If the roof deck is rotting, warped or damaged, the roofers must tear off all the old shingles and repair the roof deck before nailing down any new shingles.

Homeowners in and around Arvada can contact Arvada Roofing for quality roofing services including roof installation and roof repair. This BBB accredited company also specializes in seamless guttering and exterior siding. Visit their website for information regarding a free estimate for any of their services.


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